Working to a budget when you’re wedding planning can be really tough. Things can cost more than you imagine they might and you’re sure to come across things as you plan that you’d not included in your initial plans. So, to help you work with your wedding budget and to make sure that planning your big day is as enjoyable as possible, we’ve put together this guide to making your money work for you. Here are ten great ways to stay on budget.

Wedding budget tips

  • From the outset, make sure that your wedding budget includes a contingency fund. Whatever the total is that you have to spend, only plan to spend 90% of the total. This means that you’ve got 10% ‘spare’ so when those little unexpected costs crop up or you realise that you’ve forgotten to include costs for posting all your invitations in your figures, you’ll have the cash to cover everything without having to cut back your spending in other areas. If you can to big day and there’s any money left over, treat yourself on honeymoon!
  • When you get quotes from suppliers, check that they include VAT (or confirm whether or not VAT will be payable before you decide to go ahead). Adding a hefty 20% to quotes can make something that looked affordable suddenly much more expensive.

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  • Remember that all the little things add up. We’ve already mentioned costs for posting invitations but making lots of ‘small’ purchases can really affect your total wedding spend. Before you click ‘buy’ on all those fabulous looking details that you see online, check your budget to make sure that you’ve got the money AND be sure that whatever you’re buying will work with your day.
  • If you’re investing in flowers and other decorations, make sure that you get the most from them. Move flowers from your ceremony to your reception, add fairy lights to daytime décor to give these details a new look for the evening and even let guests take flowers home at the end of the evening so they’re not wasted. Before you decide on your décor, work out if what you’re planning is good value.

Wedding DIY and budget advice

  • Do think about wedding DIY but if you’re hoping to save money by making things yourself, be sure to cost up your projects before you go ahead. Anything that needs a lot of equipment or specialist materials will incur costs so be sure that everything is in budget before you get crafty. Come along to our Open Days on Sunday 19thMay as we’ll be hosting a series of fabulous wedding workshops. Libby Ferris Flowers will be talking table decorations at Colney and Chiltern will be welcoming Newhouse Farm Apiary to show you how to make honey favours. The Happy Hedgewitch will be at Rainford, helping you to make on-trend dreamcatchers.
  • When you’re thinking about the budget for your wedding dress, remember to include alterations. These can be quite expensive and will often run into hundreds of pounds. Before you order your dress from your boutique, ask them for an estimate on alteration costs.
  • If you’ve really pushed the budget on your photographer, ask if they offer gift vouchers. You can then use these towards prints and albums. Add vouchers to your wedding gift list or even ask for them as birthday or Christmas presents.

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  • Do your research before you book or buy. Have a look around for deals, sign up to newsletters if that will give you discounts on purchases, consider sample sales for your dress or investigate bulk-buy reductions on drinks. Give yourself time to check everything out and don’t rush any decisions that have financial consequences.
  • Be honest with suppliers about your budget. Most can adjust their plans to fit your budget if you’re clear how much you’re able to spend and being clear from the outset means that you’ll be given a quote that works for you and this is so much better than being given a list of fantastic ideas that you ultimately can’t afford.
  • Keep a track of what you spend! There’s no point in setting a budget and then paying no attention to it as you plan! Note what you spend and the costs of all suppliers and adjust your budget accordingly if you overspend in one area.

Remember what weddings are all about

Remember that ultimately, everything is optional. You don’t HAVE to spend a certain amount on your dress or flowers to make your day great. You don’t HAVE to buy your groomsmen and bridesmaids expensive gifts to show them that you love them and you don’t HAVE to have anything at all beyond a legal ceremony. Everything else is optional so plan a wedding that suits you and your budget.

At GreenAcres, we offer a super simple pricing structure for your wedding so you’ll know right from the start how much of your budget to allocate. Click hereto request our brochure or to arrange a time to visit one of our wonderful woodland wedding venues.


Images: Hannah Duffy