We have absolutely no doubt that you’re well prepared for your big day. You’ve got a great to-do list and you’re totally on top of everything. However, have you got those essential post-wedding jobs in your plan? Oh yes, there are some things that you really must do after your wedding and today, we’ve got our GreenAcres guide to those important newlywed jobs. Here’s how to start married life like a pro!


Confirm your gift list. When you’re back from honeymoon, it’s time to get in touch with your gift list supplier and confirm the details with them. Some might allow you to swap purchases or, depending on the list you’ve chosen, you might need to transfer honeymoon fund or cash donations. If your lovely guests have bought you presents, you’ll certainly want to arrange for their delivery sooner rather than later!

Say thank you. It might seem like a bit of a chore but it’s super important to write (and send!) your thank you cards as soon as possible after your wedding. You might even like to order your cards before the wedding when your order your wedding day stationery so you can write them when you’re back from honeymoon. Do try to personalise each card, it’ll mean the world to the recipient.


Speak to your photographer. Find out from your photographer when your images might be ready and what you need to do in terms of finalising the choice of images for albums and prints.

Return any hired items. Now this really needs to be done ASAP post-wedding so if you’re heading straight off on your honeymoon, you’ll need to delegate this job so that you’re not hit with any charges for the late return of suits, hired props or other wedding items.


Check your home insurance. Wedding rings and all the lovely things that you’ll have when your wedding gifts are delivered mean that you need to look again at your home insurance. You might need to up the cover that you have, and you won’t want your wedding rings to be uninsured either!

Change your name. If you’re changing your surname, this needs to be done. Bank accounts, passports, driving licence, insurances, employers, HMRC, memberships and all the other accounts, subscriptions and companies that hold your details. Find out what everyone needs to be able to update your details and work your way through your list.


Return of deposits. It might be that some of your suppliers included a refundable deposit in their terms and conditions. Don’t forget to get in touch to make sure that any funds due to you are returned as soon as possible.

Save those images. If you asked your guests to share their photos with your wedding hashtag, make sure that you’ve saved them all! You’ll be surprised what a different view of your wedding you get when you see these photos and there will definitely be some hilarious, emotional, surprising and altogether brilliant shots among these images.


Preserve important keepsakes. Keeping cards, mementoes and details from your wedding day is a lovely idea and you’ll certainly have wonderful keepsakes to look back on in years to come. If you want to preserve your bouquet, you’ll need to make arrangements for this BEFORE your wedding and there are some great ideas on Pinterest for making collages from your wedding cards too.

Make sure you’ve got things to look forward to. If you’re feeling a little flat after the big day, don’t worry. It’s only natural after all the excitement of the previous months. Open your diary and fill it up a little – you might like to make arrangements to see friends or book yourself onto a course that interests you. Whatever you do, enjoy married life!

We’re here to help you in the build-up to your wedding so if there’s anything we can do for you, just get in touch. If you’re yet to find your wedding venue, why not book an appointment to come and visit our wonderful woodlands? We’d love to welcome you.


Images by Hannah Duffy