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There’s no doubt about it – your wedding ceremony is the highlight of your wedding day. The moment that you say your vows in front of your friends and family really is what all the planning is about. We all spend so much time personalising the rest of the wedding day but why not make your ceremony unique too? Here are our top ten ideas for creating a wedding ceremony that’s truly yours…

woodland wedding ceremony

Start before the ceremony

  1. To get everyone chatting before the ceremony, why not start proceedings with a drinks reception? Yes, these are often after the ceremony but simply offering guests a fab fruity mocktail, a seasonal soft drink or even just tea and coffee can make a big difference to the atmosphere. Any guest who’s travelled to be with you will really appreciate this thoughtful touch.
  2. Decorating your ceremony space is just as important as decorating your reception. Everyone’s attention will be looking at where you’ll be standing so some decorations to provide a great backdrop or add some touches of colour will definitely be noticed. Don’t forget that these can be moved to your reception too!
  3. Orders of Ceremony not only guide guests through the ceremony, they can also give them more information about the rest of the day itself. If you’re travelling on to another venue after you’ve taken your vows, you could include directions, a map and the all-important postcode for sat-navs! Timings for the rest of the day can also be really helpful too.

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A unique wedding ceremony

  1. It’s traditional for guests to sit on separate ‘sides’ during the wedding ceremony to show which side of the family they’re with. Given that most couples share so many friends and lots of families know each other before the wedding, why not mix up the seating? Let guests ‘choose a seat, not a side’ and encourage everyone to mingle.
  2. Brides used to be ‘given away’ by their fathers but now, there really are no rules about ‘walking up the aisle’. Some couples walk in together, some brides are escorted by their Mothers or another close relative, some walk in on their own. It’s totally up to you.
  3. The music that you choose for your wedding ceremony will really have a big impact on the feeling of the day. Live music is ace or you can simply prep a playlist on your iPod. Do check your music choice with your registrar or celebrant before the day and make sure that whoever is playing DJ knows what piece to play at what moment!

alternative wedding ceremony

Making your wedding ceremony special

  1. The thought of writing your own wedding vows might sound scary but trust us when we tell you that you’ll be so glad you did! Making a personal promise to your partner, expressing how you feel in your own way is very special indeed. Again, run your choice of words past your registrar or celebrant and, if you’re really stuck, there’s lots of help online.
  2. Readings can also bring a ceremony alive. You can choose classical poetry, elegant prose, funny verse or even lines from you favourite books. Your officiant will need to know what you’ve chosen and don’t forget to thank whoever gives the readings in your speeches later on – it’s a big job!
  3. If your officiant allows, you can also borrow a tradition for your wedding ceremony. Lots of couples light a candle together but if you’ve chosen a celebrant led ceremony, the world is your oyster! How about a handfasting ceremony or a sand ceremony or even something that links with who you are and your family history? Take a look at Wild & Oak for more information.
  4. Think about where you’re going to look when you take your vows! This one might sound silly but there are plenty of couples that look at the officiant as they’re repeating the magic words, not at their partner who they’re actually speaking too! To include your guests a little more, why not face them as you say ‘I do’…

If you’d like any advice about your woodland wedding and the options available to you at GreenAcres, just ask us when you come to visit. We’ll be happy to help you and we’d love to hear about your plans. Just get in touch to arrange a date and time and we’ll see you among the trees.



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