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We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without a little bit of love! Our woodlands are here to host ceremonies and celebrations that are full of emotion so at GreenAcres, we’re big fans of St Valentine. Today we’re sharing fourteen reasons to love woodland weddings and we hope you fall head over heels…

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Naturally Brilliant Woodland Weddings

  1. Freedom – Well, we had to start with this one! Woodland weddings give you so much freedom and at GreenAcres, we work hard to be as flexible as possible. You can truly make your wedding your own with us.
  2. Natural Light & Colour – These two things make woodlands so beautiful. They’re never the same from one moment to the next so your wedding will be unlike any other. Plus, natural light is so much more flattering for those all important photos…
  3. Amazing Photographs – If you’ve been swooning over woodland wedding photos on Pinterest (and here are some of our favourites) you’ll know that woods make fab backdrops. They can be romantic, pretty, elegant, wild, bohemian, rustic and so much more. Whatever your wedding style, woodlands are the best settings.
  4. Seasonality – Our woodlands change so much throughout the year. From the bluebells in spring and leafy canopies in summer to rich colours in autumn and the bare beauty of winter. Choose whichever season you love the most.
  5. Something Different – If traditional wedding venues don’t excite you then a woodland wedding could well be the ‘something different’ you’ve been looking for. Invite your guests to a wedding they’ll always remember.
  6. Inspiration – When you hold your wedding ceremony in our woodlands, you’ve got a ready-made theme for the rest of your wedding. Be inspired by your surroundings and the season!

greenacres woodland weddings

Peace & A Place Of Your Own

  1. Peace & Escape – For a truly ‘unplugged’ wedding, you need our woodlands. No rush of people, no traffic, no sense of being hurried. Escape from the everyday and just think about your big day.
  2. Journey of Life – A wedding or partnership ceremony is a momentous life event. It’s part of your story and the natural world always represents this so well. Celebrate the journey with us.
  3. So Many Styles – From laidback boho to rustic luxe, naturally elegant to eco-friendly, woodland just work with so many wedding styles. You can be exactly who you are with us.
  4. Personal Weddings – As you’ll see, your wedding with us can be whatever you want it to be. We can host your ceremony; you can stay with us for drinks and canapés or even welcome guests with a snack and some entertainment. The choice is yours.
  5. Sense of Permanence – Our ancient woodlands come with their own history. This is a wedding venue that’s been growing for decades. Woodland weddings have deep roots that will last for many many years.
  6. On trend & Timeless – Look on any major blog or in any wedding magazine and you’ll spot some woodland weddings. Our trees are on trend but they’re not a passing fad. What a great combination!
  7. Memories You Can Take Away – After your wedding, whenever you’re in woodland or perhaps whenever you see a bluebell or hear a bird sing, you’ll find yourself back at your wedding. The memories that you create with us go with you.
  8. Visit Your Woodland – Our woodlands are always here. Visit us whenever you like after your wedding. Recreate your weddings photos as your family grows. Bring relatives along with you to celebrate anniversaries. You’re always welcome at GreenAcres.

romantic woodland wedding

If you’d like to visit us and find out more about GreenAcres Woodland Weddings, just get in touch to book your showround. We still have availability for 2017 weddings and our diary is also open for 2018. It will be wonderful to see you among the trees soon!



Header: GreenAcres Chiltern by Hannah Duffy Photography

Image 1: Left Benj Haisch on Green Wedding Shoes | Right Alice Mahran on The Lane

Image 2: GreenAcres Chiltern by Hannah Duffy Photography

Image 3: Top Noi Tran on Chic Vintage Brides | Bottom via Deer Pearl Flowers