If you’re ready for a cuteness overload, then read on! This feature is all about one of our absolutely favourite things – pets at weddings. Yes, we just can’t get enough of four-legged wedding guests so today, we’re running through everything you need to know if you’re planning your wedding day pet policy. Just remember – man’s best friend is also the happy couple’s best friend too!

Why do people have pets at weddings?

Well, we can answer that question with just one word – love. If you have a pet, then it really is part of the family and the thought of your beloved hound not being with you for such a momentous occasion isn’t a nice one. As weddings have become more flexible and able to reflect the personality of the couple in question, it’s become more and more common for pets to pop up as part of the celebrations.


Pet-friendly wedding venues

As you might have imagined, we’re definitely pet-friendly at GreenAcres Woodland Weddings. Our woodlands are heaven for dogs and we’re always happy to welcome new four-legged friends.

If you’re going on to another venue for the rest of your day, why not make sure that it’s pet-friendly too. More and more hotels will allow you to bring dogs and pets into their grounds and some of the public rooms. Most also have dog friendly bedrooms too and some even provide dog beds, bowls and treats.

You’ll find GreenAcres Chiltern and GreenAcres Rainford listed as pet-friendly wedding venues on the beautiful Coco Wedding Venues.


Tips for a pet-friendly wedding

If you’re inviting pets to your wedding, you’ll want them to enjoy themselves as much as all of your other guests. Here are a few tips to make sure that everyone has a truly paw-some day!

  • Remember that as much as we LOVE photos of dogs wearing floral collars, you need your dog to be comfortable wearing something like this. A decorated ‘normal’ collar, bandana, bow tie or decorated lead might be a safer option.
  • Is there a friend or family member who can be the designated dog-minder for the day? Ideally it needs to be someone your dog knows and will be happy with (and someone who’ll be happy to spend the day with your dog!)
  • As the saying goes, don’t ever work with pets or children! If you’re hoping to include your pet in your ceremony in some way, you need to accept the fact that they might not play ball. Always have a Plan B.
  • If you can take your pet to your venue for a familiarization visit or two before the big day, they’ll be much more comfortable in their surroundings come the big day.
  • Pack a little bag for your pooch so they’ve got everything they’ll need for the day – lead, collar, poo bags, food, water & food bowl, a few treats, a favourite toy and even their bed or blanket.


For even more pet perfection, take a look at this Pinterest board we’ve put together. It’s one of our favourites and it’s super popular with our couples too. If you’d like to arrange a time to visit us to talk about your pet-friendly wedding, you can do so here and we’ll be sure to give you pet a very warm welcome!



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woodland wedding venue in buckinghamshire

We’re breaking into our usual schedule for some exciting news! The GreenAcres wedding family has just got a little bigger – GreenAcres Colney is now licensed for weddings! This Norfolk wedding venue is now waiting to welcome you so come and say hello…

We know we’re biased but GreenAcres Colney really is a special spot. You’ll find an award-winning building for your ceremony sat in 16 acres of glorious mature woodland. The building itself has full-length glass panels so you can see the trees beyond as you take your vows. Then, step out onto the raised deck and celebrate among the trees.

The courtyard outside couldn’t be prettier and the woods are full of wildflowers and wildlife. You never know, you might have an unexpected guest or two on your big day!


If you want to escape into the woods for photographs, you certainly can. There are well made paths criss-crossing the site if you’d like to walk or we can drive you to your chosen spot in one of our buggies. We do love photos of couples wandering among the trees and if you’re feeling romantic, this is a fabulous option.

As with all of our venues, the team at GreenAcres Colney is there throughout your planning for whatever you need. If you’ve got any questions or queries or if you’d like a little advice, they’ll be happy to help. Our wedding ceremony packages are always flexible so whatever size or style of wedding you’re planning, GreenAcres Colney will be a truly beautiful backdrop. Colney

If you’d like to find out more, request a brochure or arrange a time to visit any of our wedding venues, do get in touch. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.


woodland wedding

As you might imagine, here at GreenAcres, we LOVE eco-friendly weddings. When our couples choose eco, ethical and environmentally friendly touches for their celebrations, it’s just great to see. Today, we’re answering the question ‘what is an eco-friendly wedding’ and giving you some ideas if you’d like to turn your big day green.

Over the last few years, eco-friendly weddings have been more and more popular. We’re all well used to the ideas of reducing, reusing and recycling in our every day lives and now more and more weddings are going green.


What is an eco-friendly wedding?

For us, it’s all about doing what you can. Our own green credentials are pretty strong if we do say ourselves (find out more here!) so just by choosing GreenAcres Woodland Weddings for your wedding ceremony, you’ll well on the way to an eco-friendly day. You don’t need to insist all your guests arrive on bicycles or ditch any of the details that you’ve been dreaming about but with a little thought, you can plan a wedding that’s a whole lot kinder to the world around us.


Ideas for an eco-friendly wedding

Here are a few ideas that will work wonderfully, however eco-conscious you want your wedding to be:

  1. Think about where you’re shopping. Are flowers, dresses or decorations being sent halfway around the world for you? Try and support more local companies to cut down on your carbon footprint.
  2. Pinterest is your friend here! There are so many great wedding DIYS that recycle or upcycle items so that’s great for your budget and the greenness of your day!
  3. Talk to your caterers. Where do they source their produce? Lots of caterers now really make a point of local menus or they use organic, Fairtrade or ethical ingredients too. Similarly, wedding cake is usually another major source of waste – downsize if you can.
  4. Rather than simply buying big label drinks for your wedding, check out your local breweries, distilleries and vineyards and don’t forget to recycle the bottles!
  5. If you’re using cut flowers, again look for seasonal flowers from Britain but there’s still quite a bit of waste here. Potted flowers or ‘live’ centrepieces can be taken home and not just dumped after the big day.
  6. If you’re giving favours, how about giving something that might do some good? Wildflower seeds, little trees to plant or even a donation to a charity can all make the world a better place.
  7. When it comes to wedding stationery, you can do more than simply use recycled card. Postcard RSVPS obviously use less paper then card-and-envelope designs and you can cut out the envelope liners too. Again, sharing menus on tables is better than giving one to every guest – you’ll be surprised just how many are left behind at the end of the night.
  8. Staycation honeymoons are the new long-haul. We love Canopy & Stars for the most glam green getaways we’ve ever seen. Take a look at ‘the hot tub collection’ for the ultimate honeymoon treat!
  9. Check out Oxfam Weddings for the most amazing pre-loved wedding dresses. You can pick up designer or vintage gowns for great prices and your purchase is definitely doing good.
  10. Hire rather than buy – we definitely live in an age of conspicuous consumption so how about hiring in items rather than just adding to your own personal stock of ‘stuff’?


You’ll find GreenAcres Rainford and GreenAcres Chiltern on The Natural Wedding Company and if you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding, this wedding blog needs to be on your reading list. Don’t forget to also follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas for a green wedding.



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