GreenAcres woodland weddings

We just love woodland weddings and it’s clear that our couples love them too. It might be because woodlands are beautiful backdrops to weddings or it might be that they make you feel free. You might choose a woodland wedding because it reflects your lifestyle or you might want one simply because it’s a bit different. Whatever your reasons for opting for a ceremony among the trees, here’s all you need to know about planning your woodland wedding…

Think Of Your Woodland As Your Wedding Venue

There might be outdoors elements to consider but your woodland is still your wedding venue. All those checklists you see online for choosing and securing your wedding venue still apply, even to woodlands. You’ll need to make sure that your date is available, that the facilities you want are all in place and that everything you need is there.

wedding in woods

We’ve been told at GreenAcres that we’re very professional when it comes to weddings and we take this as a BIG compliment! We’ll always issue you with a contract, with terms and conditions and with written confirmation of your booking so you always know exactly where you stand. We also completely understand that planning your wedding is a very individual process – we’re here to help if you need us and we don’t take offence if you want to do your own thing!

Your Woodland Wedding Ceremony

Don’t forget to explore your options for your ceremony. The beautiful buildings in our woodlands are fully licensed for legally recognised wedding ceremonies and we can show you all the options when you visit us. You’re also able to use the buildings for a Humanist or celebrant-led ceremony and these can also be held outside under the trees. We’ve got lots of special spots available, it just depends which one feels right for you.

wedding venue woodland

Remember Your Guests!

Now this one might sound a bit bonkers but don’t forget your guests when you’re planning your woodland wedding. Our woodlands include ‘proper’ car parking facilities and there are wide, maintained paths through much of the woodland too. If you’ve got elderly or less mobile guests or if you’re inviting families with young children, this can be really important. Thinking about your guests’ needs in advance really does make the big day much smoother.

You also need to think about contingency plans and make arrangements for delivery and collection of any decorations and other items. Contingency plans are really important when the weather is so unpredictable! If it’s raining come the big day and you’d hoped for a celebrant-led ceremony outside, where will you go instead? If you decide this in advance and you’re happy with the alternative, it won’t feel like such a big deal on the day.

woodland wedding ceremony

Similarly, what might you do if it’s super hot? We’ll discuss all of these options with you when we meet you before the day so should anything happen, we’ll know just what you want. And actually, that’s the key to everything – all you really need to know for a fab woodland wedding is exactly what you want. After that, it’s just a matter of bringing it all to life.

Woodland weddings suit so many couples for so many different reasons. If you’d like to find out more about our locations or if you’d like to visit us, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!



Header: Hannah Duffy Photography

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The wedding world always goes a bonkers when Pantone release their colours for the year. For 2017, Greenery is the colour to watch. We couldn’t love this shade more given how green and gorgeous our woodlands are. So today, we’re sharing our favourite ideas for a Greenery inspired wedding…

Fall In Love With Foliage

Oh yes, taking inspiration from Greenery allows you to also indulge in one of our favourite wedding trends – foliage. We know that we’re surrounded by beautiful botanicals all day long but leaves; fronds and plants are so gorgeous. As well as looking fab, foliage can be a lot kinder to your wedding budget than flowers so what’s not to love?

greenery wedding

We just love big bridal bouquets made from foliage and if you add some scented herbs, these are simply stunning. Pots of herbs also make great tablecentres or favours for guests.

If you’d like a little bit of colour, add in one or two statement blooms for contrast. You can also use greenery to create a foliage crown rather than a floral version and for eco-chic or boho brides, these are perfect.

Wedding Decorations With Greenery

Fresh foliage also makes the best wedding decorations. You can use long lengths of greenery to create garlands that can line tables or highlight different parts of your venue. Alternatively, you can create hoops and circlets made from foliage and use these to form backdrops or as hanging decorations. We also love seeing greenery decorating cakes, napkins, wedding signage and even our four legged friends!

wedding decorations with foliage

Tips For Using Greenery At Your Wedding

As you’ll see from the images in this feature, using natural foliage for your Greenery inspired wedding gives a really clean and uncomplicated look to your wedding. Here are our five tops tips for making your Greenery wedding absolutely unforgettable:

  1. Team your greens with fresh white or ivory. You can add in a soft peach or a pale pink if you’d like but this colour palette is best when it’s kept simple.
  2. Add in various textures and shapes. Mix round leaves with spiky ferns and wispy fronds. This creates a natural, varied and interesting look.
  3. Keep everything as unstructured as possible. Loose bouquets and trailing tablecentres look brilliant.
  4. Play around with fabrics and other materials. Wood slices look fab with foliage as does heavy cotton, raw silk and even linen. Combine different elements for the best look.
  5. Use foliage with slightly different colours for maximum impact. You could even carry this slightly mismatched look through to the greens of your bridesmaids’ dresses!

botanical wedding theme

If you like the idea of a wedding among the greenery of GreenAcres woodlands, just get in touch! We’d love to show you around if you’d like to find out more about weddings among the trees.



Header: Hannah Duffy Photography

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There’s a corner of Merseyside that’s home to one of the newest wedding venues in the North West. Everyone at GreenAcres Rainford is so excited to be hosting weddings AND the team is already super busy. Couples have been visiting the woodland and booking their weddings from the moment the park received its wedding licence. Today, we’re going to meet the team at Rainford and find out a little bit more about this woodland wedding venue

GreenAcres Rainford wedding venue

GreenAcres Rainford really is a fantastic location for a wedding. Set in 65 acres of gorgeous mature woodland, there’s also a wonderful wildflower meadow. Just think of the photo opportunities!

The Woodland Hall at Rainford is just stunning. Floor to ceiling windows and amazing views make it a truly special place to take your vows. Looking out across the woodland valley, you and your guests can really escape from the world and simply enjoy a unique and memorable occasion.

bluebell wood wedding venue

So, when you visit GreenAcres Rainford to view the woodland and talk about your wedding, whom might you meet? Well, when you first arrive, you might well see Tom and Tony. This fantastic duo look after the woodland for us so it’s always looking its best for you.

Angie, Barbara or Anna are available on site at weekends and they LOVE weddings! Your tour will take in the Woodland Hall, all the facilities and of course, you can wander amongst the trees too. If you’ve got any questions at all or need any advice, do ask and we’ll do our best to help you.

wedding ceremony venue merseyside

Our Woodland Hall with Diane (top) and Angie

If you visit in the week, Karen, the Park Manager and Diane who looks after everything ‘front of house’ will also be only too happy to indulge in a little wedding chat. We also have to mention Keely, GreenAcres’ very own wedding guru who, as well as helping all our couples plan their weddings is also planning her own big day!

The wildflower meadow and Keely

We have to say that everyone at Rainford is simply brilliant. Yes, we might be just a little bit biased but they really are. And, if you still don’t quite believe us, why not book your showround and see for yourself?

You’ll find GreenAcres Rainford on Blindfoot Road, Rainford, St Helens, WA11 7HX. To contact the team directly, just call 01744 649189 or email them – info.rainford@greenacrescelebrate.co.uk.