No bride should ever be without her bridesmaids. These girls are your best friends and you definitely need them by your side   throughout the whole wedding journey. Choosing your bridesmaids is a BIG deal and it’s a good idea to take some time to think your choices through before asking the girls in question. If you’re newly engaged or just starting to plan your wedding, here are ten things to remember when you’re selecting your maids…

  • Being a bridesmaid is quite the commitment so make sure that the friends that you ask have got the time and headspace to be able to do the job. It’s really easy to forget how much time it takes to organise hen weekends, attend dress fittings and do all the supportive jobs that fall to bridesmaids. Be realistic.
  • We bet that all of your friends are very different. Some will be laid back and funny, some will be super organised and a bit serious. It’s good have have a mix of personalities in your chosen team and then you can delegate jobs to those who are best suited to them.
  • Distance isn’t a barrier to being a great bridesmaid! If your best friend lives on the other side of the world, she can still be a huge part of your big day. Choosing dresses from an international online retailer will give her the chance to try everything on before the wedding, Skype will let you stay in touch and actually, having someone on your side who’s a little bit removed from all the wedding planning emotion can be really helpful too.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that your bridesmaids know what you want them to do. Explain early on what you’d like them to look after and check they’re ok with their responsibilities. You know your plans inside out, they probably don’t!
  • Decide very early on whether you’ll be paying for your bridesmaids’ dresses, accessories, hair and makeup. If you’re not, you need to have a conversation about this with your girls as soon as you can so they know what to expect.
  • Give your girls are much notice as possible for those important dates. You might have checked your diary to choose a time to start dress shopping but remember that everyone else has their own commitments too. Don’t be offended if work or family life gets in the way sometimes.
  • Consider your budget and the size of your wedding before you decide how many bridesmaids to have. If you’re planning an intimate occasion, having a super-sized squad of maids might not be the best idea. Similarly, if you’re on a limited budget and you want to pay for dresses etc., opt for one or two bridesmaids instead.
  • If there’s one question that you should ask yourself to check you’re choosing the right bridesmaids, it’s ‘would I trust this person with one of the most important events of my life?’. If the answer is a straight yes, you’re all good. If you’re not sure, hold off from making a decision for a little while. Your bridesmaids need to have your back throughout the ups and downs of wedding planning and you need to trust them explicitly.
  • Remember that you don’t have to ask someone to be your bridesmaid just because you were theirs. Choose your attendants based on your plans and your feelings, not out of a sense of duty. There are loads of ways to include people in your big day beyond bridesmaid duties so don’t panic!
  • Make the moment that you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids special. Take them out for a meal to pop the question, give them a super cute ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ card or put together a little gift box of essential goodies for them. Remember, it’s all about the love.

Don’t forget to bring your bridesmaids along to our Open Days this autumn – we’d love to meet your wedding day dream team! If you can’t make the October and November events, just let us know and we can arrange a time for you all to visit soon.