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Your wedding party plays a super important role in your wedding day. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, flower girls, ushers and the best man – they’re all there to support you and, in many cases, they’re also there to look after certain elements of the day. Lots of couples invite their closest friends to join the wedding party but is this the right thing to do? Will your best friend automatically become an amazing organiser and public speaker when you give him the title ‘best man’? If you’re about to choose your wedding party, you need to read on…

The ideal place to start is by thinking about who you want to be a part of the day. It’s likely that you’ll want your best friends to be involved and perhaps some family members too. Decide who you really want by your side on the big day first because, just like everything else in the wedding world, you absolutely don’t have to stick to tradition if this doesn’t work for you.

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So, when you’ve got your list of fab friends, think about their brilliant qualities. Who’s great at organising people? Who’s always the one who can keep you calm? Who’s fabulous at public speaking or quick with a joke at the right moment? You know your friends better than anyone so be honest (but kind!) about their qualities.

With that in mind, you’ll probably start to see who’ll fit naturally into what role. Don’t forget that you absolutely can swap jobs around a little bit if that works better – you might know now who you want to be your best man but if he lives a long way away, he doesn’t have to organise your stag do if more local friends who are going to be your groomsmen could take that on for you. Responsibilities can move between roles if that’s more sensible.

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However, before you start inviting people into your wedding party you need to be a little bit practical. Being part of the wedding party can involve a lot of time, travel and even expense for people so be sure that your friends are in a position to cope with this. If you’re not sure, an honest conversation is definitely the way forward – you want your friends to love being part of your wedding party so be understanding if, for whatever reason, the job just isn’t for them.

There are also other practicalities to take into account. Will everyone in the wedding party be able to make the rehearsal? Who’ll pay for everyone’s outfits? A large wedding party can add a significant amount to your wedding costs or are you happy asking people to pay for themselves? The same can be said of pre- and post-wedding accommodation for friends who need to travel and if people live a long way away, how will you arrange suits or dresses? Whilst none of these things need to stop you asking who you want to join the wedding party, these are all points you should think about sooner rather than later.

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But, the most important question to ask yourself is – who does my wedding day really have to include? You can adjust roles, you can make arrangements to suit and you can even work around seemingly insurmountable issues just to have your closest friends share the day with you. Ultimately, you choose your wedding party with your heart and your head just has to follow.

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