With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this feature is all about the Mums. Mums really do make the world go round so, when it comes to your wedding day, you really do have to make them part of proceedings. Traditionally, Mums haven’t had a huge role in the day but now, that’s all changing. If you’d like to include your Mum in your wedding day, here are a few ideas that will definitely make her day.

Before the wedding

Make the most of the build up to the big day and include your Mum in your plans too. Here are a few ways to make her feel special ahead of your wedding:

  • Include her in the planning. Now we’re not suggesting that you let your Mum plan the whole day but once you’ve chosen your venue, why not take her to see it? Invite her on dress shopping trips and even organise a lunch or afternoon tea where you can talk weddings.
  • Find out what’s important to her and try to build that into your day. Is there a family tradition that means a lot that you can include?
  • You know the saying – ‘team work makes the dream work’ so why not get your Mum on your team? Crafting projects make for great bonding time.
  • If your Mum’s got an amazing talent or skill, can you include it? Does she craft, crochet, knit or bake in a way that you just love? Asking her to contribute to your wedding in this way will make her feel really appreciated.
  • Prepare a photo display for your wedding day – we love seeing ‘family trees’ in our woodlands were all those gorgeous family snapshots are displayed for all your guests to see. Show everyone how important your family is to you.

mums at weddings

The wedding day

It’s going to be an emotional day for everyone so expect a few happy tears as you get ready for the day with your mum by your side:

  • Enjoy breakfast with your mum on the morning of your wedding. Include her in the bridal preparations and make sure that your photographer captures some images of you both together.
  • Include something of hers in your wedding day outfit. Whether it’s jewellery, a veil or another precious heirloom, you can be sure it will mean a lot.
  • There’s no reason why your father has to escort you along the aisle. Your mum would love to be with you at such a special time.
  • If you’ve chosen readings for your ceremony, could mum be one of your readers? Imagine letting her read a passage from a book she used to read you as a child – tissues at the ready!
  • Although the traditional order of speeches doesn’t include mums, there’s no reason why it can’t. How about a joint speech with your Dad if she’d prefer not to take centre stage?
  • Give her a meaningful gift so that she’ll always remember the day with love. We love handkerchiefs embroidered with a special note or even just a handwritten letter that tells her just how much you love her.

mum at wedding

For those mums no longer with us

If you’re facing the prospect of your wedding day without your beloved mum, you can still include her in your wedding day:

  • Pin a brooch or photo locket to your wedding bouquet.
  • Include a reading or piece of music that she loved in your ceremony.
  • Display a photo of your mum at your reception.
  • Ask for donations to a special charity in lieu or wedding gifts or make a donation yourself instead of giving your guests wedding favours.
  • Use some fabric from a piece of her clothing to sew a heart into your wedding dress or make it into a bridal clutch so you can hold her close to you all day.

mums at weddings

When it comes to including your mum in your wedding day, you really can do anything you want. Adapt traditions or plan something truly unique – let’s just make sure we celebrate our wonderful mums on a day that’s all about love.



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