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As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re feeling even more loved up than usual. If you’re planning a wedding, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put the wedmin to one side and get romantic. However, with a wedding on the horizon, you might well be on a budget but don’t worry, we’ve come up with some brilliant ideas for Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank. So here are 14 ways to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to feel the love…

  • Plan a movie night at home. Choose a film, light the candles, dim the lights and cuddle up together. Make your own Valentine’s Day popcorn, covered in yummy marshmallow mixture and cute edible decorations.
  • Write a love letter. We all mail, text, WhatsApp and Snap all the time but do we write letters? No, we don’t. Break out some gorgeous writing paper and your best pen and write someone a letter they’ll never forget.
  • Create your own personalised art work. Find maps showing the locations where you met, became engaged and will marry and use a heart paper punch to cut out the map. Add the hearts to some card, add your annotations and frame if you like.
  • Take inspiration from penguins and present your partner with ‘the perfect pebble’.

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  • Decorate you house with some Valentine’s Day banners as a surprise for your partner. There are some great (and super cute) printables online that make this an easy craft too.
  • Make a Valentine’s card for your partner. If you just hop on over to Pinterest, you’ll find endless inspo for any level of crafting ability!
  • Grab a pack of playing cards and turn them into a love story with the title ’52 things I love about you’.
  • If your partner loves food then you can’t go wrong with some cooking! We love this heart topped fruit pie that tastes as good as it looks.

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  • Speaking of food, even doughnuts work for a simple Valentine’s gift. A few of these sweet treats for the day will make everyone smile.
  • Another scrummy idea that will start the day in style has to be making a tasty cooked breakfast for your partner. Heart shaped egg and toast anyone?
  • Now this idea might need a little planning but creating your own love story book is one of our favourite ideas. Printing all those photos that you’ve got on your phone is a fab way to look back on your relationship.
  • Make your partner a book full of coupons for treats that they can redeem whenever they need cheering up. It’s totally up to you what you include!

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  • Prepare a set of ‘open when…’ envelopes for your partner and give them something special to read on a whole range of occasions.
  • Tell them you love them. It’s that simple. Hold their hands, look into their eyes and tell them just what they mean to you. Honest, authentic, face to face communication, it doesn’t get better, or more meaningful, than that.

We’d love for you to fall in love with GreenAcres so why not request a brochure or, better still, arrange a time to visit our romantic, beautiful woodlands. We’re even open on Valentine’s Day…



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