Ah, the British weather, it’s something we love to hate. However, when you’re planning your wedding, the weather forecast becomes all the more important. Whether it’s warm, wet or surprisingly windy on your big day, here’s our GreenAcres guide to weatherproofing your wedding

When the weather is warm…

Now the thought of a warm (or even hot) day for your wedding would make most couples smile. Lovely photos, happy guests enjoying a drink and a chat as the sun shines down and a long, warm evening to make the most of your day sounds fabulous. Or does it? Don’t be fooled because sometimes, you need a warm weather contingency plan too.

When the weather is hot, remember that guests are likely to drink more. If the temperature is soaring, speak to your caterers to make sure they bring extra drinks (especially non-alcoholic options) and lots of ice. If you’ve planned to hold your drinks reception outdoors, you’ll need to provide lots of shade, especially for older guests or families with young children.

Marquees can get super hot in warm weather so ask about ventilation. Some designs include roll-back or removable sides to make the most of any breeze. Finally, add some sunscreen, insect repellant and sting relief cream to guest packs and don’t forget to apply sunscreen yourself, especially if you’re wearing a strapless, backless or sleeveless dress!

sunny wedding

When the weather is wet…

Rain is probably on the list of things you definitely don’t want on your wedding day but really, with a little planning, it’s not so bad. Speak to your venue and your photographer in advance so you’ve got a contingency plan all ready – where could you take photos inside? If it’s raining, where will you serve drinks and nibbles? Deciding in advance what will happen will make any rain on your day much less of an issue.

Other practical tips include asking groomsmen to bring umbrellas so that they can escort guests from their cars and keep them dry and you might also want to ask your hair and makeup artist to apply products that will protect your look.

Don’t worry too much about the rain – it’s very unusual for it to be raining all day long so keep your schedule as flexible as possible and you’ll be able to nip outside if there’s a break in the showers for photos. A white sheet can be great to stand on to keep your dress as clean as possible!

rainy wedding

When the weather is cold…

The thought of snuggling up and getting cosy with you partner is probably one that makes you smile. But, if it’s cold on your wedding day, what do you do? Well, firstly, do what you can to stay warm. A chunky cardigan or jumper can look great in photos or a huge scarf or wrap is also a good idea.

Speak to your caterers and see if they can serve hot drinks rather than chilled fizz after the ceremony. Hot chocolates, teas and coffees with a shot of liqueur are brilliant (and warming!) options.

cold wedding

When the weather is windy…

Blustery days can cause a few problems too but again, they’re easy to deal with if you think ahead. If you’ve planned any outside decorations, they might need to be weighted down or bought inside and candles will either need to be put in enclosed lanterns or swapped for LED versions. Similarly, drinks tables planned for outside might need to move to a more sheltered spot – no one wants glasses toppling over at the wrong moment.

Wedding photos can look amazing in the wind but we know that you won’t want your veil flying everywhere in every single shot! A simple clothes peg can attach your veil to the back of your dress and hold it in place perfectly. On a windy day, your hair stylist might need to apply additional product to keep your hair in place or add more grips and pins but again, it’s not a problem.

The team at GreenAcres Woodland Weddings are well used to thinking on their feet and whatever the weather, they’ll be able to come up with a plan to make sure your wedding day is absolutely perfect. In fact, we’ll make sure that every cloud has a silver lining…



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