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We know that our woodland wedding venues do make the best backdrops for wedding photographs. They’re naturally beautiful, don’t require any additional decoration and they’re also super romantic. In this feature, we’re looking at how to work with nature for the best ever wedding photographs.

If you’ve been planning your wedding for a while, chances are you’ll have Pinterest boards full of amazing, dreamy images and we have to say that woodland wedding photos really are the best. We’ve spoken to wedding photographer Jess Yarwood (who loves GreenAcres Rainford!) and she’s got some great info to share…


Just relax…

Firstly, go with the flow. It’s all too easy to get caught up with the thought of ‘perfection’ on your wedding day but sometimes, trying too hard to make everything brilliant can stop you enjoying yourself.

“Embrace your surroundings and ignore whatever the weather might throw at you,” says Jess. “Trust your photographer and don’t worry because your dress can always be cleaned!”


Very true – you’ll regret not going for that once in a lifetime shot more than a few spots of mud on your gown!

“If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, think about footwear, especially for bridesmaids as heels and grass or woodland floors don’t always mix that well.”


Perfect wedding photographs…

When you’re planning your woodland wedding, it’s also great to think about those little extras that can really make photographs special. The confetti shot really is an iconic wedding image so we always advise having enough confetti for two takes and remind guests to throw their confetti up so it rains down on you slowly rather than just firing it straight at you!

“When it comes to confetti, real dried flowers are the best,” says Jess. “Not only are they good for the environment, they also look amazing in photographs. Also, think about outdoor lighting for the evening. Festoon lights or sparklers make a great shot!”


Keeping guests happy and comfortable is also another thing to think about. People relaxing and having fun are always photogenic and capturing the fun of the wedding day in photographs will make you smile for many years to come.

“Have a look for some fun garden games or other kinds of entertainment to fill the lull in between the ceremony and meal,” advises Jess. “Also, if you’re using hay bales for seating at any point, maybe add some blankets so make them super comfortable for guests and to stop delicate fabrics snagging on the hay.”


Go for golden hour…

Lastly, for those heavenly wedding photos that are full of the softest, warmest light, you absolutely have to make some time in your wedding schedule for a few ‘golden hour’ photos. Golden hour is the hour before the sun sets and it provides light that photographers just adore. It’s flattering, gentle and downright adorable so Jess’s last piece of advice is, in our opinion, unmissable:

“Always check what time golden hour will be on your wedding day and plan accordingly so that you can get some truly beautiful wedding portraits. Sometimes this precious hour can clash with the wedding breakfast but, with a little forethought, you can easily step outside for 15 minutes. I promise that you won’t regret it!”


If you’d like to visit our woodlands to take a look at the beautiful backdrop that nature has provided for your wedding day, do get in touch. We’ll be very happy to welcome you. Don’t forget that our Pinterest boards are also full of woodland inspiration and photos to make you smile so hop over and get pinning!



All images by Jess Yarwood Photography