As your wedding day approaches, all your plans will be coming together. It’s a super exciting time when you’re sure to be looking forward to the big day. However, it’s also a time to be really organised, especially if you want your wedding day to go without a hitch. One thing that you really MUST do in the build-up to the big day is get in touch with all your wedding suppliers to update them and prep them for your event. Here’s what your suppliers need to know about your plans:


  1. Access times – if you’ve got suppliers arriving to set-up at your venue, they absolutely need to know what time they can arrive. This is really important if you’ve got a set hire-period or if someone from the venue needs to be around to welcome them. Check timings with your venue and pass this info on.
  2. Breakdown times – at the other end of the scale, what time can suppliers get back on site to breakdown, clear up or collect any items or equipment? It might be that your supplier will need to go back the next day but always confirm this.
  3. Parking – is there somewhere specific that suppliers need to park? This can be important if you need certain spaces left clear for guests or even for other suppliers making big deliveries.
  4. Address – double check that your suppliers have the address and contact details for your venue and, if your venue is a little out of the way, make sure that they’ve got directions if sat-nav isn’t to be trusted!
  5. Things you really want – as brilliant as wedding suppliers are, they’re not mind-readers so if there’s something you really want, make sure that you tell them. Whether it’s a photo with your Nan, a vase on the cake table for your bouquet or a particular song that always gets all your friends dancing, pass on the details so you can be sure it will happen.
  6. Things you really DON’T want – again, if there’s something you absolutely don’t want, let suppliers know. Your photographer might usually take a photo of the bride getting into her dress but if you hate the thought of this, let your photographer know. Similarly, if you really don’t want to be announced into dinner as Mr & Mrs, tell your venue.
  7. Food and drink – wedding days can be really long days for suppliers so if you’re going to provide them with some food and drink, do let them know so they don’t have to worry about bringing their own.
  8. Timings – all your suppliers need a copy of your wedding day schedule or timeline so they know what they’re working towards. This is really important for photographers, caterers and entertainers and ideally, you should send this to them with some notice so that if anything doesn’t look like it will work, your suppliers have got time to feedback to you.
  9. Potential problems – now these will usually only impact your wedding venue, wedding co-ordinator and or photographer but if there are any potential flashpoints, let people know so they can keep an eye on things for you and deal with any issues sooner rather than later.
  10. Guests who need extra help – again, this might just be one for your venue but if you’ve got guests with mobility issues or guests with young children, warn your venue in advance so that they’re ready to help.
  11. Surprises – if you’ve arranged a surprise for your partner (or for anyone else at your wedding!), think about which suppliers will need to know. If you’ve secretly been practicing a cool dance with your bridesmaids, let your photographer and videographer know so they can be in the right place at the right time.


In short, when it comes to suppliers and your wedding plans, don’t keep secrets! It’s better to give them plenty of information and always ask if there’s anything else they need to know. The more your suppliers understand your vision for the day, the easier it will be for them to make sure that everything is perfect.

We work with so many brilliant suppliers at our woodland wedding venues at Chiltern, Rainford and Colney and we’re always happy to make recommendations. Just ask us for suggestions when you visit (and if you’re yet to book your visit to us, get in touch!)


Images by Hannah Duffy