At this time of year, we’re ALL thinking about weddings. There’s no doubting the fact that the summer months are still super popular wedding dates and that’s definitely true at GreenAcres. Our woodlands could have been made with summer weddings in mind! If your wedding date is fast approaching and you’re wondering how to best organise yourself in the days before the big event, this is the feature for you. Here’s our guide to what to do in the week before your wedding…

  • Delegate – this is absolutely essential and remember there are no prizes for doing everything yourself. Whether you’re asking friends or family to collect or deliver suits or decorations or even if you’re asking your mum to come and cook you a meal to free some time, delegation is the way forward.
  • Write a list – sounds obvious doesn’t it but taking some time out to write a comprehensive list will really help. Include absolutely everything, however small the job, so you can be confident you’ve not missed anything.


  • Confirm with your suppliers – put your mind at rest and make contact with all your suppliers the week before your wedding. Just check they have all the information that they need from you and that all payments have been received. Their reassuring replies will make you feel much better.
  • Think honeymoon – if you’re heading straight off on your honeymoon, don’t forget to get prepped for your travels too. Pack, check your passport and insurance, let your bank know you’re travelling, arrange currency and book airport parking or taxis. Don’t forget your four-legged friends too! Book your pet care well in advance and make sure that they’ve got food, bedding and a few toys ready for their holiday too.
  • Organise your post-wedding – packing up decorations to transport to your venue is a pretty much a given but think about post-wedding too. What needs to be kept? What needs to be bought home? Who’ll do this for you? Write a list showing what needs to return from your venue and delegate someone to do this for you. Similarly, if you’re going off on honeymoon and there are suits or hire items that need to be returned, this needs to be organised too.


  • Take time out – you really don’t need the whole week before your wedding to be super busy so make sure you take some time out before the big day. You might want to go for a massage or go for a run, you might like the thought of a dinner date or cinema trip with your partner. Do whatever you like but make sure that you get some space.
  • Know when to stop – now this one might be easier said than done but it’s really important that you know when to stop. If you find yourself staying up late to finish another wedding DIY, ask yourself what’s more important – you or the details? The answer is most definitely YOU so call it a day and focus on yourself instead.
  • Think beauty – now’s the time to get that mani and pedi and make sure you’re totally wedding ready. Now is NOT the time however to use any new makeup products, go for facials or do anything different with your skincare routine that might cause problems. If you do get a spot, leave it alone! It’s far easier for your makeup artist to cover a spot than an inflamed or raw patch of skin.


  • Check your outfit – make sure your shoes are worn in, ensure all your accessories and underwear are packed and ready to go and check your dress for creases. Resist the temptation to put everything on because you don’t want to risk marking anything.
  • Check the weather – of course, there’s nothing you can do about a less than favourable forecast but you can plan ahead and make sure that you’ve got contingency plans in place. Speak to your venue, your caterers and your photographer to work out what you’ll do if Plan A isn’t possible.
  • Enjoy it – finally, make sure that you enjoy this amazingly exciting time. The days before your wedding should be full of butterflies in the tummy, smiles, love and excitement. The work of wedding planning should be behind you and you should be looking forward to your wedding day and, most importantly, your marriage.

If you’re yet to set your wedding date, we do have some availability at our woodlands for this year and we’re booking into 2019 and beyond too. To find out more about Colney, Rainfordor Chiltern, just click hereor get in touchto book your personal visit.



Hannah Duffy