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When your friends and family have been a big part of your wedding, you definitely need to say thank you. Giving a gift to show someone how much you appreciate their help is always a good idea. Whatever your budget, there’s a wonderful choice of wedding thank you gifts out there and here are some of our favourites.

Ideas for wedding thank you gifts

The traditional wedding thank you gifts include hipflasks, cufflinks and jewellery and these are still great for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Search out gifts that can be personalised to make them even more special. You could also think about personalised key rings or collar stiffeners.

wedding thank you gifts for groomsmen

If you think that your recipient ‘has it all’, how about giving them an experience instead of a physical gift? You could send them to the theatre or booking them a glam dinner or afternoon tea. Perhaps you’ll arrange for them to spend the day as a zookeeper, trialling cocktails or learning how to bake. If your budget is stretched, give your friends homemade vouchers that entitle them to call upon you to babysit for example.

fun wedding thank you gifts

When you’re planning gifts for your parents, it’s ok to get emotional. You could give them a copy of the book they always read to you at bedtime, a framed print from your engagement shoot or a gift that includes a special message. If you move them to tears, your gift is a hit!

For flowergirls and page boys, any gift that makes them feel like a grown up is always going to be popular. Jewellery is always popular with flowergirls, particularly if it’s something that can ‘grow’ with them such as a charm bracelet. That said, who could resist a personalised teddy bear or a book that features them as the star?

wedding gifts for flower girls

Personal wedding thank you gifts

Bridesmaid gifts can be cool as well as practical. We loved personalised leather clutch bags, compact mirrors, candles and jewellery dishes. For the guys, how about a fun survival kit, a tech-related present or even a personalised print? Don’t be afraid to do something different!

bridesmaid thank you gifts

We also love gifts that last. Trees or plants make brilliant presents as they can be planted and will grow and bloom over many years. These gifts are perfect for parents as are gifts that celebrate their role on the day. Father of the bride handkerchiefs, little pouches for tissues or even a ‘mother of the groom’ mug will all make your parents feel special.

However, there’s one thing that will always be a great gift and that’s a personal, handwritten note. Tell your friends or family why they’re so special to you and why you’re thrilled they’re with you on the day. Pour your heart out. Write them a note they’ll keep forever and make sure they know just how important they are to you. Knowing you’re loved is the best gift ever.

ideas for wedding thank you gifts

Top tips for wedding thank you gifts

  1. Think about when you’ll give your gift. If the recipient needs the gift for the day, find the right moment in the morning or even before the day. If you don’t want your speeches to seem like an award ceremony, think about giving your gifts in private.
  2. A great gift is always made better with great wrapping. Put as much effort into wrapping your present as you did in choosing it.
  3. Don’t forget the practical element. If you’re giving a plant or flowers, think whether the recipient will be able to get them home in good time. You want your gift to last as long as possible.



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