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We just love woodland weddings and it’s clear that our couples love them too. It might be because woodlands are beautiful backdrops to weddings or it might be that they make you feel free. You might choose a woodland wedding because it reflects your lifestyle or you might want one simply because it’s a bit different. Whatever your reasons for opting for a ceremony among the trees, here’s all you need to know about planning your woodland wedding…

Think Of Your Woodland As Your Wedding Venue

There might be outdoors elements to consider but your woodland is still your wedding venue. All those checklists you see online for choosing and securing your wedding venue still apply, even to woodlands. You’ll need to make sure that your date is available, that the facilities you want are all in place and that everything you need is there.

wedding in woods

We’ve been told at GreenAcres that we’re very professional when it comes to weddings and we take this as a BIG compliment! We’ll always issue you with a contract, with terms and conditions and with written confirmation of your booking so you always know exactly where you stand. We also completely understand that planning your wedding is a very individual process – we’re here to help if you need us and we don’t take offence if you want to do your own thing!

Your Woodland Wedding Ceremony

Don’t forget to explore your options for your ceremony. The beautiful buildings in our woodlands are fully licensed for legally recognised wedding ceremonies and we can show you all the options when you visit us. You’re also able to use the buildings for a Humanist or celebrant-led ceremony and these can also be held outside under the trees. We’ve got lots of special spots available, it just depends which one feels right for you.

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Remember Your Guests!

Now this one might sound a bit bonkers but don’t forget your guests when you’re planning your woodland wedding. Our woodlands include ‘proper’ car parking facilities and there are wide, maintained paths through much of the woodland too. If you’ve got elderly or less mobile guests or if you’re inviting families with young children, this can be really important. Thinking about your guests’ needs in advance really does make the big day much smoother.

You also need to think about contingency plans and make arrangements for delivery and collection of any decorations and other items. Contingency plans are really important when the weather is so unpredictable! If it’s raining come the big day and you’d hoped for a celebrant-led ceremony outside, where will you go instead? If you decide this in advance and you’re happy with the alternative, it won’t feel like such a big deal on the day.

woodland wedding ceremony

Similarly, what might you do if it’s super hot? We’ll discuss all of these options with you when we meet you before the day so should anything happen, we’ll know just what you want. And actually, that’s the key to everything – all you really need to know for a fab woodland wedding is exactly what you want. After that, it’s just a matter of bringing it all to life.

Woodland weddings suit so many couples for so many different reasons. If you’d like to find out more about our locations or if you’d like to visit us, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!



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